Adaptive grippers

The TM-cobots can be equipped with adaptive grippers. These adaptive grippers can be used for various applications such as quality testing, machine tending, assembly and pick and place tasks.


This 50mm stroke gripper is easy to integrate and easy to program. This gripper is designed for industrial needs and can withstand harsh manufacturing conditions. The Hand-E gripper has a ergonomic shape for easy hand-guiding.


2F-85 gripper

This 85mm wide stroke adaptive gripper is equipped with patented finger design which enables both internal and external parallel gripping. The 2F-85 gripper is also equipped with built-in grip and dimension validation and automatic part detection.


2F-140 gripper

This 140mm wide stroke adaptive gripper is also characterized by the patented finger design which enables both internal and external parallel gripping. The same as with the 2F-85 gripper also the 2F-140 gripper has built-in grip and dimension validation. Another feature of the gripper is the automatic part detection and position feedback.


Adaptive grippers

Model Hand-E 2F-85 2F-140
Grip Force 20-30 N 20-235 N 10-125 N
Form-fit Grip Payload 5kg 5kg 2.5kg
Friction Grip Payload 3kg 5kg 2.5kg
Gripper Weigth 1kg 0.9kg 1kg
Closing Speed 20-150mm/s 20-150 mm/s 30-250 mm/s
IP Rating IP67 IP40 IP40

FT300 Force Torque Sensor

The FT300 Force Torque Sensor is able to automate the most advanced force-sensitive applications on the market. The FT300 sensor is able to complete tasks including: Pick & Place, Machine Tending, Finishing, Quality Testing, Assembly and Insertion. The FT300 is characterized by the constand force and stiffness for each axis, his precise object placement and the ability to take precise, repeatable and high-resolution measurements.