The Techman robots can be used in various sectors. You can think of sectors like industry, retail, hospitality and healthcare. Thanks to the revolutionary vision system, the Techman robot is capable of fulfilling various tasks. For example, the Techman robot can be used for packaging, assembling, loading and unloading, screwing, gluing, testing and carrying out inspections. The possibilities are endless and this makes the Techman robot multi usable in various sectors.

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Cobots will play an important role within Industry 4.0. The TM cobots are perfectly…

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Within the retail sector, the TM cobot can play a time-saving role within the production…

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Hospitality industry

In addition to retail and industry, the Techman robot is also applicable within the…

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Within the healthcare sector, the TM cobot can be used in very diverse ways. For example,…

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