The Techman robots can be used in various applications. Thanks to the revolutionary vision system, the Techman robot is capable of fulfilling various tasks. For example, the Techman robot can be used for packaging, assembling, loading and unloading, screwing, gluing, polishing, palletizing and testing and carrying out inspections. The possibilities are endless and this makes the Techman robot multi usable in various sectors.

Machine loading function

In this video we demonstrate the Techman Robot in a machine loading function. In this setup the cobot loads the workstation with subassemblies (base plate and tube). After loading, the cobot drops a hammer for extra pressure on the connection. The cobot is capable of pressing the buttons of the robotic installation which gives a signal to the welding robot installation. The turntable turns into the welding cell where the Panasonic arc welding robot starts the welding process. After finishing, the turntable turns outside and the cobot is able to pick up the welded piece and place it in one of the holders.


In this video the palletezing function of the TM robot is demonstrated. The cobot is installed onto a height adjustable socket in the middle of the configuration. On both sides of the cobot a pallet can be placed. The cobot can automatically detect boxes by using his vision ability. With the special vacuum gripper boxes can be picked up and placed onto the pallet in a preprogrammed pattern. The cobot shifts the pattern to create a stable stack on the pallet.


In this video we demonstrate the TM robot with a screw application. The collaborative robot (cobot) is equipped with a ETF SL21 drill and PF6000 controller from Atlas Copco. In this setting there is a Asycube 240 feeder placed next to the cobot. This ensures a total package which allows the cobot to automatically detect and pick up a screw in the Asycube 240. With help of a preprogrammed pattern or by help of the standard integrated vision the cobot is able to tighten the screw on the exact location. The PF6000 controller is giving realtime information about the used strength of tightening. For more information please contact us


In this video we demonstrate a TM robot with a polishing application. The TM robot is equipped with a Dynabrand polisher and a Robotiq FT300 ForceTorque Sensor. This allows the collaborative robot (cobot) to automate the polishing of different surfaces. Even polishing of surfaces with deviations can be automated with help of the TM robot. With the sensing of more or less pressure on the surface the cobot can adjust it’s ow pressure during the program. In this video the cobot is programmed with several alternating patterns to ensure a good result. For more information please contact us.


In this video we demonstrate the welding with a TM robot. By equipping the TM robot with special tooling including an on-off adapter, the existing power source can be connected to the TM robot. In this way, the cobot can use the existing power source with welding pistol and is it possible to automated the welding process. By using the mobile cobot setup, this application is easy to move and versatile.